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Order your custom pencil case in 3 easy steps...
1. Select the pattern of your choice from the collection below.
2. Click "Personalise To Order".
3. Fill in your kid's name or initials, select your font, font color, add a greeting tag, and "Add To Cart"!

Product information

• Custom pencil case measuring 21cm x 10.5cm x 5cm

• Features 2 main zippered compartments, with 5 pen slots
• Recommended for ages 3+
• Made from Polyester
• Personalized print on the front cover with black colour case and zips
• Spot clean with damp cloth/mild detergent; air-dry before zipping up
• Packaged in our signature Alini Bini tote with a handwritten greeting

Tip: For a super-cool school set, pair your Pencil-Pal custom pencil case with a matching My Screen-Sleeve personalised laptop cover!

Custom Pencil Cases

Simply pick your favourite print below and personalise away!

Why Do Kids Need a Custom Pencil Case?

A custom-designed pencil case can be beneficial for kids for a variety of reasons:

1. Personal Style: Kids enjoy expressing their personal style and interests. A pencil case featuring their favorite color, pattern, or character can make schoolwork more enjoyable and help their confidence.

2. Motivation and Engagement: A pencil case that a child finds attractive can motivate them to engage more in schoolwork or art activities.

3. Prevents Mix-ups: A custom pencil case can help prevent mix-ups or lost items at school. If a child's pencil case is distinctive, or even has their name on it, it's unlikely to be mistaken for someone else's.

4. Learning Responsibility: A custom pencil case that a child values can help teach them responsibility. They're more likely to take good care of their belongings when they feel a personal connection to them.

5. Gifts and Rewards: A custom pencil case can be a great gift for birthdays or other special occasions, or a reward for achievement.

For invaluable insights, check out our blog on how educational personalised gifts such as custom pencil cases can enhance your kid's day at school!

Why Choose My Pencil-Pal

1. No Minimum Order: Order as many zippered pencil cases as you need, for yourself, friends, family, or even for retail or corporate needs. No order limit!

2. Stunning Colors: Our printing technology delivers high-definition designs with rich, vibrant colors, making it ideal for small items such as pencil cases.

3. 60+ Patterns! Choose from more than 60 designs above.


What material are My Pencil-Pal pencil cases made from?

Made from polyester, My Pencil-Pal provide your little ones with a soft yet sturdy pencil case that is flexible for all their everyday school needs.

What can my child fit inside their custom pencil case?

Your child will be able to fit all their favourite stationery supplies inside their pencil case from Alini Bini. Each pencil case features 2 main zippered compartments with 5 pen slots, meaning they will keep all manner of pens, pencils, markers, highlighters, erasers, and other essentials safe and secure. For reference, the standard size of each pencil case is 21cm x 10.5cm x 5cm.

Can I choose the colour of the zips and other details for my child's pencil case?

Unfortunately not - you can only pick the custom print for the front cover of your pencil case. All My Pencil-Pal cases come with black zippers and black lining inside. However, our range of beautiful designs come in a variety of fun colours and patterns that are sure to tickle any child's fancy - check out our extensive selection of designs today!

How long will it takefor My Pencil-Pal custom pencil case to arrive?

We kindly ask that you allow up to 10-12 working days for customising your Alini Bini pencil case. Once your order is ready, delivery will be arranged to the address provided as soon as possible. Please view our Delivery & Refunds page for more details on shipping and estimated delivery times. To enjoy faster checkout and more tailored services, make sure to create an account with us.