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Alini Bini

It says my name!” That priceless look of absolute amazement on the faces of your bambini is what inspires us at Alini Bini! Founded by a Mama and her little Alina, our bespoke collection has been lovingly designed to help celebrate each unique little one, whether they are at Home, Play, or School! Our wide array of super-fun, fully-customisable prints has something for every little one, personalised with their name/initials to make them feel extra special and loved! Presented in our pretty and perfectly reusable packaging, our truly one-of-a-kind gifts are sure to delight! 

All Alini Bini products are proudly designed and made in Hong Kong and we currently ship to the destinations listed here. We hope to keep adding to these destinations and to reach many more little ones! 

Your Trusted Kids Gifts Brand

Every piece we offer, adorned with fun and customisable prints, is crafted with care, turning ordinary products into treasures. Each gift is also wrapped exquisitely in our eco-friendly and reusable packaging,
underscoring our commitment to a greener future whilst ensuring the unboxing is as delightful as the gift itself.

 Whilst our roots are firmly grounded in Hong Kong, our aspirations are global. Proudly designed and created in the bustling heart of this metropolis, we have been shipping our exclusive offerings far and wide,
hoping to touch the hearts of children across continents.

We have been featured in numerous digital media and parenting platforms, including Sassy Mama Hong Kong and Champimom, reputable for adorable, one-of-a-kind children's gifts for various occasions, such as birthdays, Christmas, summer vacations, and more.   

What Makes Us Unique?

1. One-of-a-kind Kids Items for Home, School & Play

Alini Bini stands at the intersection of innovation, design, and love. Our products are not just commodities but are extensions of a child's personality, reflecting their unique tastes and aspirations. Whether it is our Snuggly-Set for a warm, cosy night or our My Pencil-Pal for school, each product promises unparalleled quality and creativity.

2. Fabulous, Personalised Print Designs

Alini Bini dives deep into the imaginative world of children. Our designs, ranging from playful sea animals to vibrant numbers, are not just patterns but stories waiting to be told, personalised to resonate with the child's name or initials.

3. Sustainable Gifting

In an age of disposable culture, we are swimming against the tide. Our commitment extends beyond the smile of a child; it reaches out to our planet. Our beautiful, reusable packaging is a testament to sustainable practices, ensuring that whilst we gift our children presents, we do not rob them of a green future.

4. Keepsake Gifts Your Children Will Treasure

More than just toys or accessories, our products are memories in the making. Designed with love and crafted with care, every item from Alini Bini is a keepsake, a memento of the golden days of childhood that one would want to hold onto forever.

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