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Order your personalised lunch box in 3 easy steps...
1. Select the pattern of your choice from the collection below.
2. Click "Personalise To Order".
3. Fill in your kid's name or initials, select your font, font color, add a greeting tag, and "Add To Cart"!

A Munch-Mate lunch box, lying on a wooden table, showing a black and pink floral print, personalised with the name Jessie

Product information

• Measures 18.5cm x 10.2cm x 10cm
• A unique 3-in-1 design that can be used together or separately
• Features a bento-style double lunch box (for single or multi-use) and detachable wooden nameplate
• Your kid's personalised name or initials appears on the top of the lunch box nameplate
• Includes a handy spoon and fork for hot food option
• Made from wood (nameplate) and BPA-free Polypropylene (lunch boxes and cutlery)

• Recommended for ages 5+ 
• Wash by hand/gentle machine cycle; air-dry before storing
• Packaged in our signature Alini Bini tote with a handwritten greeting 

Tip: Pair with one of our cool personalised bottles of your choice for an awesome set! (see My Bini-Bottle stainless steel water bottles and My Sip-N-Go custom water bottles)

Custom Lunch Boxes

Simply pick your favourite print below and personalise away!

Why Do Kids Need a Custom Lunch Box?

A custom lunch box can offer several benefits for children, particularly in school settings. Here are a few reasons why a custom lunch box might be useful:

1. Ease of Identification: A custom lunch box can make it easier for a child to identify their lunch in a crowded school cafeteria or in the classroom, reducing the chances of mix-ups or lost items.

2. Expression of Personal Style: Kids like to express their individuality. A lunch box featuring their favorite color, character, or design can make meal times more enjoyable.

3. Motivation to Eat: A fun and attractive lunch box can make meal times more appealing, potentially encouraging children to eat more of their lunch, especially healthy items.

4. Teaches Responsibility: When a child values their lunch box because it's customized to their liking, they're more likely to take good care of it - a great way to learn responsibility for their belongings.

5. Unique Gift: A custom lunch box can be a special and practical gift for birthdays or back-to-school occasions.

6. Allergies or Dietary Restrictions: For children with allergies or specific dietary restrictions, a custom lunch box can be clearly labeled to prevent mix-ups that could lead to health issues.

For invaluable insights, check out our blog on how personalised lunch boxes can enhance your kid’s days at school!

Why Choose My Munch-Mate

1. No Minimum Order: Order as many lunch boxes as you need, for yourself, friends, family, or even for retail or corporate needs. No order limit!

2. Stunning Colors: Our printing technology delivers high-definition designs with rich, vibrant colors, making it ideal for small items such as lunch boxes.

3. 30+ Patterns! Choose from all our designs above.

Popular Add-Ons with Lunch Boxes

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How can I personalise My Munch-Mate lunch boxes for my child?

Ordering a personalised lunch box is easy. Select the design your child loves and click the ‘Personalise to Order’ button on the individual product page. You then fill out a short form which allows personalisation for your little one and other details. Next, add your item to cart and continue shopping our range of unique gifts until you’re ready to check out!

What materials are your lunch boxes made from?

Our custom-printed lunch boxes and cutlery are made from BPA-free Polypropylene, which is not only eco-friendly but also perfectly safe to use. The customised, detachable nameplate is made from wood and doubles up as a cute souvenir for your little one.

Are My Munch-Mate lunch boxes microwave-safe?

Yes, our Polypropylene lunch boxes are safe to microwave if your little one wants to enjoy a nice warm meal. You can easily detach the wooden name plate before and after heating up your lunch box.

How big are MyMunch-Mate lunch boxes?

The standard product size of our lunch boxes is 18.5cm x 10.2cm x 10cm.

How long will it takefor My Munch-Mate custom lunch box to arrive?

We kindly ask that you allow up to 10-12 working days for customising your Alini Bini personalised lunch box. Once your order is ready, delivery will be arranged to the address provided as soon as possible. Please view our Delivery & Refunds page for more details on shipping and estimated delivery times. If you want to enjoy faster checkout and more tailored services, make sure to create an account with us.