Must-bring items when travelling with your kids!

Must-bring items when travelling with your kids!

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Summer holidays are coming soon, have you made travel plans with your children? Our editor has put together a list of must-bring items to travel with for your children, from personalized blankets, to pillows and even cleaning supplies! Parents will not go wrong if you follow this list, let's take a look!


Children's travel luggage list 1. Alini Bini personalised name blanket and pillow
小朋友旅行行李清單 1.Alini Bini 繡名被子、枕頭

Travelling can sometimes feel daunting for children. If you are worried that your child might feel a little unsettled to be in a completely new environment when traveling, the Alini Bini My Snuggly-Set is the perfect set to bring along with you! It includes a super soft personalized blanket and pillow for the child, so that they can feel the comfort of home while on the go. The blanket and pillow can also be conveniently stored in a tote bag, so they can be taken out immediately if the little one needs a quick nap. Alini Bini  has a personalized name service, printing children's English names on different products, such as My Pillow-Pal pillows, My Throw-on-the-Go blankets and water bottles.

如果擔心去旅行時小朋友遇到陌生環境就大哭,Alini Bini My Snuggly-Set包含小朋友的被子、枕頭,讓爸媽們簡單改造小朋友的房間,及早適應環境。而被子和枕頭也可以方便地收納在手提袋中,即使小朋友需要午睡時間也可以立即使用。Alini Bini 推出個人化的刻名服務,把小朋友的英文名字刻在不同產品上,如My Pillow-Pal枕頭、My Throw-on-the-Go毯子和水樽等

Children's travel luggage list 2. Children's toothpaste
小朋友旅行行李清單 2.小朋友牙膏

Sunstar GUM Children's Fluoride Toothpaste (Grape Flavor) is made in Japan and is suitable for children aged 2-6. Its low-foaming formula and delicate texture can gently clean children's mouths.
Sunstar G.U.M 兒童含氟牙膏(葡萄味)由日本製造,適合2-6歲的小朋友,其低泡沫配方,質地細緻,能溫和地清潔小朋友的口腔。

Children's travel luggage list 3. Children's toothbrush set
小朋友旅行行李清單 3.小朋友牙刷套裝

Nuk Baby toothbrush and toothpaste set, toothpaste specially formulated for babies and a toothbrush with soft round bristles, and toothpaste free of gluten, dairy, sugar, suitable for BBs aged 3-36 months.
Nuk Baby牙刷、牙膏套裝,專為嬰兒配製的牙膏和採用柔軟圓頭刷毛設計的牙刷,而牙膏不含麩質、乳製品、糖的成份,適合 3 - 36 個月大的BB。

Children's travel luggage list 4. Children's body lotion
小朋友旅行行李清單 4.小朋友潤膚乳液

Babyganics Body Lotion (Scent Free) is a special series for newborn babies. It is especially suitable for tender and sensitive skin. Its light and smooth texture can moisturize and care for the skin, and it is also suitable as a massage lotion. Babyganics寶寶輕怡潤膚乳液(無香味)為初生寶寶專用系列,特別適合柔嫩及容易敏感的皮膚,其輕盈細滑的質地,可滋潤及護理皮膚,亦適合用作按摩乳液

Children's travel luggage list 5. Children's sun protection
小朋友旅行行李清單 5.小朋友防曬

Neutrogena Pure & Free® Baby Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50, provides UVA/UVB protection with Pure screen technology blended with natural sunscreen ingredients, its gentle formula is perfect for BB's delicate and sensitive skin.
Neutrogena Pure & Free® 嬰兒防曬乳液 SPF 50,提供UVA/ UVB保護,採用天然防曬成分混合而成的Pure screen技術,其溫和配方非常適合BB的嬌嫩而敏感的皮膚。



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